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Reimagine Your Employee Portal – Record / Post Webinars. Are you tired of pouring time and resources into maintaining a static employee portal that few people actually use? We’ll show you how to rethink the employee portal and use it as a way to create more engaged and effective employees.

With today’s mobile and social workforce, employees expect a better, more engaging way to interact with their company and co-workers than a static portal. PBG Web Design provide an easy way to create an entirely different type of portal experience. Let us show you how to rethink the next-gen employee portal and use it as a way to create more engaged and effective employees.

Product Description

Unlock the benefits of an employee portal. Do you consider your employee portal a strategic asset you couldn’t live without? Palm Beach Gardens Web Design will design, execute, and manage your employee portal with the tools your employees need to do their jobs effectively. We do this by improving employee engagement, accelerating innovation, and improving your organization’s agility.

When your employees are happy and engaged, so are your customers. Great employee portals provide your teams with accurate information to share with customers, make customer interactions more efficient, and give employees the freedom to spend less time searching for information and more time interacting with your customers.

Have No Portal Building Expertise? No Sweat!

With increased competition, it is imperative that companies have portals for communication and collaboration amongst employees and partners. Moreover, companies also need dedicated client portals to collaborate and integrate with key clients and enhance relationships.

PBG Web Design developers build robust WordPress employee portals, customer portals, intranets and extranets designed for growing companies which want to quickly build intranet portals to collaborate and share information. There\’s no software to download, no servers to setup. Just call 561.358.8898 and instantly start your company\’s portal that is fully managed, hosted and all for $199 /monthly.

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